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True Print for Business


True Print for Business is a social enterprise extension of the nonprofit Femergy®. We assist companies with their organizational structure through training and development, as well as process optimization.
Through interactive and educational bilingual live presentations, forward-thinking workshops, and company retreats, we produce a message of empowerment and intention in away that moves audiences from inspiration to action!

Our Team

Christina Vera

Organizational Development Strategist

Mrs. Vera has over 13+ years of experience as an executive strategist. Christina combines innovative strategy with effective communication to influence positive change and build organizational capacity.

Maylin Sambois

Personal and Business Strategist

Ms. Sambois has over 15+ years of experience specializing in creating bilingual personalized & corporate plans to unlock innovation and organizational growth.

Our team has 20+ years of combined experience specializing incapacity building, organizational culture, climate assessment and analysis, team building, leadership development, business development, and more. We work with individuals, small businesses, corporations, non-profits, and universities.

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