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GHRO Your Future

Program Dates 

September -June

The GHRO program is for middle and high school age girls (ages 12-17). GHRO instills and refines the pillars of a Femergy leader around everyday and professional life. We equip young girls with the leadership, educational skills and support they need to overcome social, economic and gender barriers. 


*Please note due to COVID-19 programming elements will follow all safety regulations provided. 

GHRO Your Future Program Overview

MENTORING: Each participant is matched with a passionate and strong female leader for monthly virtual check-ins to discuss personal goals and ambitions. In addition, Mentors are able to provide additional social and emotional support especially during present times in dealing with COVID -19.

DEVELOPMENT: Participants engage in virtual and LEC style learning in the areas of:

  • Academic Support

  • Career Exploration

  • High School/Workforce Readiness

  • Leadership Development

  • Confidence Building

  • Mental & Physical Wellness 

EXPLORATION: Conference is a summer exploration where attendees have the opportunity to dive deeper into career and personal interest.  Conference facilitators are selected based on conference theme and lead each lecture in the field of their expertise, with hands-on activities and take-home information for each participant. Every summer is a different theme and a different location!

PO Box 307217

Columbus, OH 43230

Tel: 614-653-8454

​Email: info@femergy.org

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