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Chica Sports + Fitness Camp Summer 2021

Chica Sports & Fitness Camp (CS&F) is a late spring and summer wellness opportunity for girls ages 12-17 years-old. Through community mini clinics and our summer sports camp participants engage in a series of activities like: Organized Sports, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness Education, Goal Setting, Stress Management, Leadership Development, Team Building, Service Learning, and Positive Body Image.

This year we will have a virtual sports camp to minimize exposure for our attendees and staff. 

Kickoff July 17,2021  10:00am-3:00pm

Columbus, Ohio (Location details will be emailed upon registration)

Virtual Days

7/20Tues & 7/22Thursday

 12-1 pm 



Registration Closes June 11th

Chica Sports

Learning Objectives

Develop leadership skills, bond with teammates and mentors, learn techniques for self-coaching and motivation, empower themselves and their peers while exploring their athletic interests.


Develop self-talk that promotes positive body-image


Present ideas and questions to mentors, & create sustainable health and wellness goals.


Campers learn skills such as independence, leadership and respect. After their time at Chica Sports & Fitness your daughter will return with a higher level of confidence in herself, her choices and the way she treats others. Our camp community fosters this growth through a series of age-appropriate challenges, organized sports exploration, and guidance from caring role models. Each and every girl at Chica Sports & Fitness can shine in her own way while at Camp. Whether on the field, in her art therapy class, or in her Aqua Zumba class we give each girl the opportunity to be her best self while she is here. Every girl fits in at Chica Sports & Fitness because every girl is accepted for being herself!​

PO Box 307217

Columbus, OH 43230

Tel: 614-653-8454

​Email: info@femergy.org

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