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The Femergy® Center

Since our inception in 2014, Femergy® has stayed rooted in advocacy, development, collaboration and support around the needs and contributions of girls and women in Central Ohio. In 2023, Femergy® had the honor of opening our first restorative center to serve more than 1,500 girls, women, and families every year.


The Femergy® Center is a restorative space featuring a Zen room, training areas, a creative event space that can be used for retreats, meetings and more. We envision the center being a recuperative hub not only for the families we serve, but for entrepreneurs, businesses, and partnering nonprofits.

Ready to schedule your visit? Click the link below to schedule a time to tour the center!

Rent the Femergy® Center

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Reserve the Femergy® Center

for professional events

Your next event, our ideal location. Get time away from the hustle.

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Reserve the Femergy® Center

for personal events

Your Special Day, Our Special Place

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