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Invest in Femergy®

Femergy® relies on the generosity of the community, individual, corporate, and foundation donors. Want to see how your donation impacts a community?


One Student Registration Fee

Give a girl the resources she needs to succeed


Every dollar counts.

Thank you for making your 100% tax-deductible* donation to Femergy®! With your support, we can provide girls and women with the tools, skills, and resources they need to succeed.

Looking for ways to support Femergy® and yourself? Join our EmpowHER Community as a member or a sponsor! For $25-$100 per month, or $270 per year, you can enjoy all the benefits the EmpowHER Community has to offer while giving back to your community! Check out our membership page to learn more.

We currently accept donations through Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, Kindful, and The Columbus Foundation. For cash / check donations, please navigate our Contact Us page and shoot us a message. Thank you for being a Community Change Agent and actively creating a positive impact on underserved girls and women!
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Thank you for your donation!


*Most donations made to Femergy® are tax-deductible. Providing your mailing and email address allows us to send you receipts to claim on your taxes. Please contact a tax consultant with any questions.