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About Us

We are a non-profit that equips girls and women with the tools to navigate and soar through gender, economic, and social barriers so that they can grow up healthy, educated, and independent. Our programs help girls & women explore and celebrate their strengths, their voices, who they are today, and whom they will become in the future. 

Mission + Vision

We provide holistic programs and products that enhance girls and women in the areas of Education, Leadership, Health, and Wellness; by creating and maintaining a safe space in all activity settings where participants can engage in open dialogue, we help them grow.

Our History

Founders Maylin and Christina met through a leadership development program back into 2010. Through that experience, they shared childhood stories, along with adult struggles and personal dreams. The same life experiences would lead them on a journey of self-discovery, purpose, and service.


In 2011, they started with a mustard seed idea of wanting to bring women together simply to connect and provide each other with support and resources. They started conducting informal gatherings in Central Ohio monthly. The vision for these gatherings was to simply give women a safe space to be themselves, connect, and find an outside support system. Through these sessions, they identified the core desire for more support and enrichment based opportunities and access as girls. With a newfound passion and focus, Girls Heart Reading Ohio was born.

In January 2014 Femergy officially was formed and became a 5o1c3 non-profit organization. Femergy stands for Female Energy and provides additional access and support in helping bridge the gap of women in leadership and decisions making positions.

Our Founders

Maylin Sambois

Co - Founder

Christina Vera-Reid

Co - Founder

Board of Directors

Crucita Flecha


Maggie Humphrey

Vice - President

Rubisela Duran


Candice Hayes-McInnis


Megan Dimmerling

Chair of Fundraising

Maritza Anthony

Board Member

Romina Barrera Enciso

Marketing Chair

PO Box 307217

Columbus, OH 43230

Tel: 614-653-8454

​Email: info@femergy.org

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