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The RESET Conference is a ONE DAY event that features strategists from around the country, providing tips, tools, and insight on how to RESET:  REFUEL, REALIGN, REIGNITE, your mindset, finances, business models, and so much more. This day of intentional personal and professional development will allow attendees to pause, breathe, and activate after feeling the effects of COVID-19. While some sessions will be live-streamed, opportunities for virtual interactions and community building will be facilitated through an online platform, which will be available both via the web and mobile app.


RESET is a unique opportunity to refocus on how to keep growing despite the uncertainty. While doing so, you will be supporting Femergy's mission to equips girls and women with the tools to navigate and soar through gender, economic, and social barriers so that they can grow up healthy, educated, and independent.

Reset will give you access to: 

  • 6 educational coaching sessions

  • Personal and Professional Development Opportunities

  • Wellness Activities 

  • Digital workbooks

  • Virtual RESET Community Support 



Roland Medrano

Roland will be providing strategy and tools centered around scaling and reevaluating your business models. Focusing on scaling, innovation, and restructuring. 

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Maylin Sambois

Maylin will share strategies, and approaches to help us build, rethink or reinvigorate your business at whichever stage it is, through a holistic + human approach.

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Perry Jeffries

Perry will help you navigate through systems and create processes centered around your personal and business finances.

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Johan Khalilian

 Johan invites us to reimagine our worst moments and adopt an empowered mindset. Because true leaders know that life isn’t happening TO them, it’s happening FOR them.

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 Cori Rowley

Cori shows us that becoming resilient isn’t about being prepared or having some set of skills out of a scouting handbook. Resiliency is something that requires flexibility. It requires that we be nimble and buoyant – not rigid rule followers without room for life’s curveballs.

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Christina Vera-Reid

Christina will help us explore tips and tools centered around navigating the unknown; finding and showing grace as we travel through new territory on our quest for personal and professional fulfillment. 

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We have a set of stimulating talks and workshops that dive into shifting gears when faced with uncertainty.

Everything from Mindset growth, Financial Literacy, Business Innovation, Wellness Management.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Our goal is to support our community while keeping up with our commitment to young girls and women in Central Ohio. If you believe in our mission and would like to support us submit your sponsor request and we will follow up with you! 


Want to become a partner? 

Email Sammy Bonner at

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