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Who doesn't need a laugh nowadays? Spread the joy and laughter this April Fool's Day by pranking your friends with the help of the Femergy® team!

Donate an amount of your choosing below, review the prank options, and then fill out a prank request between March 29th - April 1st. On April Fool's Day, the Femergy® team will call, text, or email the prankee(s) of your choosing!

Suggestion Donations:

                                                                  Novice Call - $5

                                                                  Intermediate Call - $7

                                                                  Expert Call - $10

                                                                  Text or Email - $5

Pranks (6).png

Prank Call Options



Happy Birthday

Surprise your friend with a musical rendition of happy birthday courtesy of the Femergy® team.


Classic Refrigerator

Who hasn’t heard of this classic prank? With a little Femergy® flair, this prank call is sure to have your friend chuckling!



Another classic option for the cartoon lovers out there. Is this the Krusty Krab? No, it’s Patrick!


Rick Rolled

Femergy® can just about guarantee that your friend will never want to give you up after we prank them with this.




Toilet Paper

Everyone knows the pain of running out of toilet paper (especially nowadays), but have you ever had someone call to ask you to grab a roll for them?


Contact Seller

There are plenty of weird items for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Pick the product (or leave it up to us), and the Femergy® team will call your friend to purchase it!


Shipment Arrived

Looks like your friend is about to get a call about a mysterious delivery. Whatever could it be? Well, that’s up to you.





Femergy® would wager that you’ve never heard a phone survey this entertaining! Customize the three questions, or we’ll work our magic. Do you consider cereal a soup?


Concert Tickets

Choose the headliner, and we’ll pretend to offer your friend tickets if they can answer one simple question: does a cow shoot milk out of her nose when she laughs too hard?


Prank Text & Email Options




Dad Jokes Subscription

Subscribe your friend to the fictional “Dad Jokes Daily” text or email chain and let Femergy® wow them with humor for day. Hi, tired. I’m dad!


“Inspirational” Quotes Subscription

Subscribe your friend to the fictional “Inspirational-ish Quotes” text or email chain to give them a humorous boost. After all, the wisest among us agree: you’re only as good as your last haircut.

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