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About Us

Femergy is a non-profit organization that provides life-skills training, career exploration, college readiness, wellness management and direct mentorship opportunities for girls and women. Femergy has been serving Central Ohio and surrounding areas for the past (6) years. In collaboration with many community partners Femergy provides girls and women with 21st Century programming access. 

"Little Girls with

            dreams become 

women with visions." -Unknown

Our History

Founders Maylin and Christina met through a leadership development program back into 2010. After an intense training session one evening they found themselves at a coffee shop sharing childhood stories, along with adult struggles and personal dreams.

Little did they know those life experiences would lead them on a magical journey of self-discovery, purpose, and service. 

In 2011, they started with a mustard-seed idea of wanting to bring women together simply to connect and provide each other with support and resources. They started conducting informal gatherings around Central Ohio monthly. These gatherings consisted of participants collectively reading and discussing self-development style books, followed by interactive dialogue.

The vision for these gatherings was to simply give women a safe space to be themselves, connect, and to find an outside support system. 

During these sessions, Maylin and Christina identified many similarities among participants. They openly shared much about their childhood struggles and regrets. They all agreed they wished they would have had more support and enrichment-based opportunities and access as girls.

With a new found passion and focus, Femergy was born. 

In January 2014, Femergy was officially formed, becoming a 5o1c3 non-profit organization. Femergy stands for Female Energy, and currently produces three programs. GHRO Conference, Enrichment Institute for Women, and Chica Sports & Fitness. Femergy’s continued vision is to ensure that we are providing additional access and support in helping bridge the gap of women in leadership and decisions making positions.